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Hat Craftsman Book : SAM ROBERTS LA feature translation

Clutch Books Hat

Craftsman/John Dennis
From/Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Handmade reproduced hats created in the great outdoors.

Located approximately one and a half hours by drive from downtown Los Angeles, Ojai is surrounded by rich nature and beautiful landscapes. In the midst of these mountains, John Dennis quietly makes his series of hats. Instead of making the hats from scratch, John takes reproduces them based on vintage hats. Taking advantage of the fact that he used to work as a vintage dealer, he currently sells vintage items at the Rose Bowl flea market while producing hats for his own brand, “SAM ROBERTS LA”. He also utilizes his beautiful surroundings in his little studio in the mountains of Ojai when manufacturing his hats. He first became interested in making hats by himself, but because he didn’t have access to any machines or tools, he decided to reproduce vintage hats instead. His finished hats have a gentle handmade atmosphere, and another high quality hat is being created today in the great outdoors.

Clutch Books Hat Craftsman SAM ROBERTS LA

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