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Hat Craftsman Book : SATYA TWENA feature translation

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Craftsman/Satya Twena
From/New York, U.S.A.

Expressing feminine ideas through classical hats.

In the era of mass production and consumption where production has drifted away from the United States and Europe, traditional manufacturing methods have become very rare and valuable. The same thing applies in the hat industry. Satya Twena began interested in producing hats the old fashioned way in New York, where she purchased an old hat factory and launched her own brand.
“It’s a waste to lose the techniques possessed and acquired by craftsmen over many years. In order to provide high quality hats to customers, I decided to take over this factory, a site that also symbolizes an era when traditional manufacturing was the norm. Today, this is the only handmade hat factory in Manhattan.”
Her hats, which have been widely recognized around the world, are a hybrid of high quality and innovative designs.


Hat Craftsman SATYA TWENA

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