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HAT CRAFTSMAN Book : THE H.W.DOG&CO. feature translation

Made in Japan Clutch Books Hat

​Brand/THE H.W.DOG&CO.
Craftsman/Fumiya Tsurumaki
From/Tokyo, Japan

Making hats for gentleman using advanced Japanese techniques.

After debuting in 2015 as a hat specialty brand, THE H.W.DOG&CO. instantly received high acclaim in Japan and overseas. The brand actively took part in tradeshows throughout the world and began attracting the attention of members throughout the fashion industry. As head designer of the brand, Fumiya Tsurumaki worked as a designer for a Japanese hat manufacturer for many years before launching his own label. Using classical designs and details as the base for his hats, he also incorporates playful details to create hats adored by gentlemen as part of his brand concept.
“I base the designs and details on classical hats and express a modern look with my selection of materials and shapes. As one of the methods that I use to make hats, I use a vintage sewing machine for the stitchwork to bring out the classical look. My goal is to become a brand with a long history, creating hats that will be worn and loved in any generation.”

THE H.W.DOG CO. Hat Craftsman Clutch Books

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