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Vintage Store Book : VOSTOK feature translation

Vintage Clothing Store Book

Store/VOSTOK(Tokyo Japan)
Address/1F Tanji Bldg. 3-25-7 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo

A melting pot of Mid Century vintage items inherited from an iconic shop.
VOSTOK is located about five minutes from Harajuku station on the corner of the street commonly referred to as “Ton-chan Street” by locals. The store inherited the vintage department from BOWL O RAMA, which flourished during the vintage boom during the 1990s. Since their heyday the store primarily focused on stocking Mid Century U.S. made garments, with categories ranging from workwear to military and biker wear. With a motto of providing vintage items preserved in superb condition, shoppers can find everything from cotton flannel shirts that evoke images of the West Coast, to high-end heavy outerwear used during World War II.

STORE MANAGER/ Kazuhiko Yokota

Clutch Books Vintage Store VOSTOK

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