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Vintage Store Book : Jantiques feature translation

Vintage Clothing Store Book

Store/Jantiques(Tokyo Japan)
Address/2-25-13 Kamimeguro Meguro-ku Tokyo

Enjoy archived vintage items from throughout that world that aren’t bound by trends.

JANTIQUES, which opened their doors in 2005 under the direction of Mr. Uchida, whose career in the vintage clothing industry spans over 30 years, is a well-established store visited by people within the fashion industry from throughout the world. The store is split up into the men’s, women’s and furniture sections. The store receives large shipments of items twice a month and adds around 10 to 20 new products to their shelves each month. Accessories ranging from kitchenware to buttons are also put on display alongside the vintage clothing, and the back of the store features Mr. Uchida’s favorite workwear and military clothing section. These items are not only from the United States but also feature vintage wear from the UK and France. Further back inside the store you can also find a range of industrial style furniture on display.
Owner/ Hitoshi Uchida

Clutch Books Vintage Store Jantiques

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