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Hat Craftsman Book : SKILLED WORKERS feature translation

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Craftsman/Masahiko Nakatsu

The pursuit of the top skills and realistic 1950s styles.

Located quietly along a roadside in Machida, Tokyo is a specialty hat store. In the corner of this extremely small space you will find a master hatter by the name of Masahiko Nakatsu, who spent years working on his craft. Even today, he continues to become even better at his trade, and while orders keep piling up he still feels the desire to improve while offering hats at a low price. He lives up to the name of his brand, SKILLED WORKERS thanks to his stoic work ethic and passion towards constantly wanting to improve his skills. In addition to hat making, Nakatsu is also a huge fan of the 1950s era.
“The pinch front crease is raised with a high crown on hats made during the 1950s. At SKILLED WORKERS we base our designs on this era’s style,” he adds, noting that in addition to hats he also uses fashion of the 1950s in general as references for his outfits. “At the time everyone wore their hat “shabbily” but in a good way. Hats were just a part of everyone’s daily lifestyles.” He also adds why he likes to keep his hats priced low. “I don’t want people to wear the same hat all their life. To me it’s more fun to wear it with a rough style, and order one again when the time comes.”

Clutch Books Hat Craftsman SKILLED WORKERS

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