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Leather Products Book : vasco feature translation

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Craftsman/Ken Namiki

Timeless bags created with vintage knowledge.

Made under the concept of “tools for traveling”, vasco offers a wide range of bags and leather accessories. In an era when mass production has become the norm, the brand is committed to making timeless products that last for a lifetime and are not swayed by trends.
Owner and craftsman Ken Namiki says, “When I used to be a buyer at a vintage shop, I think that seeing various archives was a huge asset for me.”
The items created by experienced craftsman are dyed and finished by the hands of Namiki, who has vast experience and knowledge about leather craftsmanship. Having experienced how leather transforms with age over the years of working with vintage items, he has a true sense of how leather items should be made. The more their products are used the better they look with age, which is an element that is extremely important to vasco as a brand.


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