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Hat Craftsman : THE FAT HATTER feature translation

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Craftsman/Akihito Kikuchi

The master craftsman who brought back classic hats to the modern age.

THE FAT HATTER opened their shop along Harajuku’s Cat Street in February of this year. The store’s founder, Mr. Kikuchi, is an extremely well-known hatmaker within the fashion industry, and has produced countless hats for other popular fashion brands. During his exchanges with different brands, he decided to aspire to begin making hats using traditional methods.
“In Japan there are only pre-determined wooden molds, and we were only able to take in orders from brands that wanted vintage-style hats. So, I went to France and received a wooden mold from an old lady who was 78 years old at the time that I met by chance. That was the beginning of everything.”
With a series of coincidences he was blessed with these types of encounters.
“They were by no means cheap, but after spending time and talking with customers in different stores, I decided that I wanted to make hats that were customized for each individual customer, just like the way they did back in the day.”

Clutch Books Hat Craftsman THE FAT HATTER

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