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Hat Craftsman Book : GUNNER FOXX feature translation

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From/Los Angeles

Creating custom order hats as an investment on each individual consumer’s life.

With a factory set up in the back of vintage select shop, “Schaeffer’s Garment Hotel” in Los Angeles, GUNNER FOXX began his career as an apprentice to his grandfather, who made hats as costumes used in movies. By the time he was 12 years old, he was able to use left-over fabrics and create his own originally designed hats. Having been taught by his grandfather, he has inherited classical hatmaking methods, and using his own original aging techniques is able to create a completely unique style of hats. All of his hats are custom made after talking with the customer about their preferred tastes and styles, as well as their future lifestyles. While he is known for his classic hats, his own unique style is one of the main reasons why he attracts so many new fans.

Clutch Books Hat Craftsman GUNNER FOXX

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