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JAPAN DENIM Book : Pherrow's feature translation

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Constantly evolving standard items.

Pherrow’s jeans were first established in 1992, and have constantly been evolving since then. One of the main reasons for this evolution is their commitment to creating comfortable silhouettes. Jeans were originally born out ofworkwear, and initially, making jeans that were built to last was more important than the silhouettes. Although jeans have a history of over 100 years, it has only been about 50 years since they were considered a fashion item. Therefore, there was sufficient room for jeans to improve and evolve.

“Today, jeans have become an established fashion item, so naturally many improvements have been made since the days they were worn as workwear. Of course, it’s important to preserve vintage details, but we must keep making changes to improve them as fashion items. One of the biggest challenges was modifying the silhouettes.”
Jeans have long been beloved as a standard fashion item. Ever since “Made in Japan” denim became recognized worldwide, the number of Japanese brands has increased tenfold compared to 10 or 20 years ago. Jeans have been a staple fashion item throughout the years, and today it’s crucial to manufacture them with a commitment to preserving quality and adding new elements to them. Ever since the brand was established, Pherrow’s jeans have been widely recognized for their beautiful silhouettes, thanks to their extensive manufacturing knowhow. 

“Jeans were meant to continue being improved and modified. We are constantly adding new features and details to the basic vintage designs. That is how we ended up creating silhouettes that suit the average body type of Japanese people. As you all know, jeans were created in the United States, and were not originally made to fir the average Japanese body type. It’s no surprise that these original silhouettes did not properly fit when worn by Japanese people. The silhouettes created by Pherrow’s were an answer to this problem. We have continued to modify the details, and because jeans are a timeless fashion item, we believe that we must continue evolving with the times.”

*This article was previouly featured in JAPAN DENIM book.

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