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Approaching craftsmen who work with leather.

From ages ago, leather has been widely used in our everyday lives. The versatile material is not only used for clothing and shoes, but for accessories and a wide range of other items as well. Even today, leather is an extremely valuable and necessary material in our everyday lives. However, with the emergence of lightweight and highly functional synthetic fibers, leather has been given a “classic” image. And that is also what makes leather so attractive to people, given that it transforms the more it’s used and that it provides a sense of uniqueness to the user’s lifestyle. As many types of functional fabrics flood the markets in today’s age, we would like to bring back the limelight to leather. The book focuses specifically on modern-day craftsmen who dedicate their lives to leather crafts and carefully make each item by hand. The powerful photos that fill the book give insight into the studios of some of the world’s top leather craftsmen. Fabrics, manufacturing methods, and design… The way the craftsmen show off their individuality through each process of their work and their passion towards leather helps create completely new and original products.