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Encounter Authentic “Made in U.S.A.” Items at Cafe Upstate Stock

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While Manhattan is known throughout the world for its skyscrapers and bustling streets, Brooklyn, located just across the bridge, offers its own unique allure and fun.
Old factories and warehouses that have been preserved throughout the borough have been renovated into cool restaurants and shops. In recent years, a lot of attention has been placed on the string of renovated hotels. (Check out the NEW YORK HOTEL INTERIOR issue for all the latest information on hotels in New York!)
You can find many privately managed select shops, vintage stores and interior shops, and the streets offer a cool and hip atmosphere. For people who prefer a more independent vibe, Brooklyn may suit you better than Manhattan.

This time we will be introducing Upstate Stock, a cafe located in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn.
The cafe, which also houses an apparel brand of the same name, was introduced in the New Yorker cover story of the June 2016 issue, and when we visited it again this year it had been powered up!

What we mean by that is the select miscellaneous item area located in the back of the store. Based on the theme of “Made in U.S.A.,” you can find a selection of stationary, grooming and kitchen goods. Compared to two years ago, the variation of items has increased significantly.

Find a wide range of products created by American handmade and artisan brands.
In recent years, the image of “Made in U.S.A.” products has shifted from mass production and mass consumption to “low-volume production but high quality and organic manufacturing methods.”

Enjoy a lineup of fragrances, beard oils, lip balms and organic soaps for both men and women.
The store also carries products from Manready Mercantile, another brand that we introduced in this article.

Original Upstate Stock fragrances and body balms can be found inside the store as well.

This pennant from Oxford Pennant that is displayed near the ceiling especially caught the eye of our editorial department.
The brand is based out of Buffalo, a city that is located near Toronto, Canada. The old-style texture of the felt and typography makes this item so unique and cool!
Of course, the coffee is delicious as well. You can find a range of specialty coffees made using carefully selected coffee beans on the menu.

Brooklyn is much more enjoyable to walk around rather than getting around on the train, so this cafe is perfect for taking a short relaxing rest.

At Upstate Stock, you can rest your legs and find stylish American souvenirs at the same time.
A second location, also in Brooklyn, was recently opened, so we look forward to visiting it on our next trip to the area!

2 Berry Street Brooklyn, New York 11249

Photo & Text by CLUTCH Magazine 

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