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【CLUTCH ARCHIVES】 The “Hip Interior” Style -Scott Jarrell & Kristan Cunningham’s House


The “Hip Interior” Style

Scott Jarrell & Kristan Cunningham’s House

Kristan Cunningham is an American actress and interior designer living in Los Angeles, where she currently runs a vintage interior shop with her husband Scott Jarrell.
It isn’t an exaggeration that their home currently has the most popular and hip interior design in the United States.
Top) The living room, where natural sunlight shines through towards the end of the room. By arranging various lighting fixtures and green plants throughout the room, they help brighten up the space. Pictured to the back left is the kitchen space. 

A popular renovation area in Los Angeles.

This is Scott and Kristan’s private residence. The two of them are the owners of vintage interior shop “Hammer and Spear” located in Downtown Los Angeles and also work as interior designers. The building itself is actually a single unit of a condominium, which consists of three floors with a loft. The Artist District was originally considered a bad neighborhood filled with warehouses. However, as artists began to settle into the area, they gradually transformed the lofts and neighborhood, increasing the price of land and attracting more people. The area is still being developed, and these two are leading the way in the renovation process. Approximately 90% of their interior fixtures are vintage, and many of them were purchased in overseas auctions. 

With the both of them being professional interior designers, they have created a stunning residential space for themselves. However, they just recently moved into the house and are continuing to complete the interior designing. Many green plants have been displayed throughout the indoors of the house to match the beautifully sunlit atmosphere surrounding them. On the other hand, they have also showed off their skills by utilizing interior designs with indirect lighting, perfectly balancing the vintage atmosphere with the lighting.

The loft area features a living space decorated primarily with vintage furniture. Blending together a nice balance of wood and leather, the indirect lighting reflecting off the black wall also creates an artistic display.

The open kitchen shelves were selected specifically in order to preserve a sense of openness throughout the room. Instead of actual pots and tableware, a nice balance of antique accessories are displayed on the shelves.

The vintage leather sofa, a 1970s De Sada Buffalo leather sofa, in the compact living space creates a nice contrast with the industrial-style staircase.

The vintage furniture creates a refreshing atmosphere.
When you think of California’s beautiful sunny weather, you may envision homes decorated with an array of green plants. Here, however, a wide range of natural materials including leather and wood are used for the vintage furniture, with the iron staircase leading up to the loft and other industrial style designs scattered throughout the house creating a nice contrast. In addition to the furniture, the subtle antique accessories displayed in various areas help create an interesting space.

As a method to find quality vintage furniture, the two go visit the Rose Bowl Flea Market, the largest flea market in the West Coast, every second Sunday of the month, but their professional spirit often makes them gravitate towards extremely rare and valuable furniture. Like their home, the two spend a great deal of time decorating the interior of their shop. While Los Angeles is a city where you can purchase relatively cheap furniture easily, these two often go against the grain with their selections.

Kristan is best known as the host of “Design on a Dime” a popular decorating television series. The couple opened Hammer and Spear in 2013, and have become leading figures in the LA interior scene.

Many of the selected green plants decorated throughout the house have a sense of volume and impact, and create a stylish presence in the large space. It seems as if a lot of thinking was involved when selecting the various colors of green according to the accessories around them. Also notice the light stand next to the plant reflecting off the wall to create a distinct atmosphere.

Here is a decorating technique that involves creating indirect lighting by reflecting the light against a large vintage mirror. The industrial-style desk here is another vintage item that perfectly matches with the decorative accessories.

The chairs used in the dining space are all leather-based designer chairs from T Chair by Katavolos Kelly and Littell. Purchased through an overseas auction, these chairs were apparently the most expensive pieces of furniture in the house.

The comforting warmth of interior accessories.

These knives are casually displayed on the vintage wood chair. The knife on the right is a WW2 Army knife passed down to Kristan from her grandfather. The knife on the left is an army knife given to Scott as a present from his brother.

The interior fixtures in the house are made up of 90% vintage items and 10% items made by local artists. Similar types of products can be found at their shop.

This leather-bound telephone is a rare Pierre Cardin item from the 1970s. The telephone is still fully operating, but you can tell how serious the two are about interior decorating from subtle details such as this.

This game board, which lets you play four different games in one, serves as an artistic display. In addition to chairs and tables, this is a good example of how you can feel a sense of warmth from the natural wood from even a table game.

A collection of paper coasters created by an artist named David Lovins. The coasters, which feature cool images and powerful messages, are one of the few pop-art accessories in the house.

If you ever have the opportunity, we highly recommend visiting Hammer and Spear where you can experience their wide selection of high quality vintage items.

Hammer and Spear

Photo by Maiko Naito(Seven Bros.) Text by CLUTCH Magazine 

*This journal was reedited from the feature story from the 2016 April “CLUTCH Magazine” vol. 51 issue. 

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