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Collection of shops with “must-have” European vintage items. #2 Tomigaya / AWASE

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Led by British and French military wear and workwear, European vintage wear has been receiving a lot of attention within the entire fashion scene.
The reasons for its popularity are the refined formal designs and the high degree of technique involved in the manufacturing that help create timeless garments.
Another reason why European vintage appeals to vintage lovers is that compared to American vintage, there are still many mysterious aspects that have yet to be unraveled.
In recent years, many new shops have popped up in Tokyo that specialize in European vintage. The shop that we’ll be introducing today is AWASE, located in the popular shopping district Tomigaya in Shibuya.
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AWASE, which opened at the end of 2016, is an extremely interesting shop that carries vintage wear from the UK, France, Germany, Italy and other Northern and Eastern European countries.
Mr. Sato, the store’s owner, became drawn to the high-level manufacturing quality of European garments up to the 1950s, especially French workwear, and started to buy items from throughout Europe. He then started to pick up vintage items from other European countries to create a space where various styles were gathered together and provide customers with a wide range of items to choose from. Based on the concept of “offering a diverse range of items and colors” and “emphasizing the uniqueness of designs,” he decided to name the store “AWASE” which is Japanese for “combine”

The products found inside the store are made up of approximately 70% European and 30% American vintage, and they carry both men’s and women’s garments.

The genres are not clearly split up by rack or space, so it’s important to check each piece so that you don’t miss out on a hidden treasure. 

The vintage items lined up behind the cash register are from left to right, an American costume from the 1930s, a German fireman jacket from the 1910s, and European-style nightwear from the 1930s-1940s.

A French military summer flight jacket from the 1940s. Made in German Occupied France, the jacket is made with German fabrics. Deadstock item. ¥32,000_

A French military jacket from the 1910s-1920s. As you can see, military wear from over 100 years ago was extremely refined and clean-cut. This item is believed to have been piece-dyed using a sharp navy color and recreated into a workwear style. ¥59,000_

A Balmacaan Coat that was custom-made for Davide Cenci, a well-established Italian brand based in Rome, by British brand Aquascutum. Made during the 1960s, the coat oozes “classic” details. Made with high-grade Scottish wool, the coat has been kept in pristine condition for over half a century. ¥42,000_
AWASE is a shop that teaches us new ways to enjoy vintage hunting.
This store is a must-see for those interested in updating their wardrobes with these high-quality classic items.
1-14-15 Tomigaya Shibuya-Ku,Tokyo
Tel. 03-6804-9606
Instagram: @awase1201

Photo by Nanako Hidaka Text by CLUTCH Magazine 

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