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The streets of New York covered in Indigo! Report of the denim festival, New York Denim Days.

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Over two days from September 30 (Sat) to October 1 (Sun) the NEW YORK DENIM DAYS denim festival was held in New York.

Originally held in Amsterdam, this event marks the first time it was held in New York. (Click here for the report on the previous Amsterdam event.)

Local denim shops, vintage shops, denim brands, indigo-dyeing workshops and artists all gathered together at the venue, where participants presented the beauty and depth of denim products.

Pictured on the left is the Blue in Green booth, a select shop based in Manhattan that carries a wide range of Japanese denim, and pictured on the right is the BLKSMTH booth, a Brooklyn-based denim brand. 

Pictured on the left is artist Hanna Barczyk, whose illustrations have been picked up major media outlets such as the New York Times. During the event, she collaborated with Silver Jeans Co to create artistic installations. Pictured on the right is tattoo artist Anka Lavriv. Her original tattoo designs were drawn onto denim wear by HUDSON JEANS to propose a new customized denim style.

Pictured here is Colombian artist Juan Manuel Gomez. During the event he collaborated with Italian denim fabric manufacturer Berto and Officina+39, a project team relating to Italian denim and fashion, to implement an installation using used denim fabrics and 100% recycled denim powder and promote the blend of indigo, art and environmental awareness. 

London-based artist Ian Berry used deep navy denim fabrics to create artistic collages. Visitors were impressed by the ideas and techniques used to create these realistic collages made with denim.

On October 1, the venue was expanded outdoors, with the streets lined up with various booths.

With many members of the fashion industry, media and denim fans on site, the streets were covered in indigo blue during the two-day event.

Many popular figures were seen at the event as well. One of the women pictured in the top picture is Amy Leverton, creator of “Denim Dudes,” a collection of photos depicting snapshots of denim lovers around the world. Pictured below are Douglas Gunn and Roy Luckett, owners of London’s Vintage Showroom.

Andrew Livingston and Brian Blakely from Knickerbocker Mfg. Co.

We also found Kelly Harrington (@kellouhar) who uses Instagram to transmit various women’s denim styles.

Pictured on the left is Denim Days’ organizer team. Pictured on the right is Mariette Hoitink, founder of fashion consultant firm HTNK, and Lucel van den Hoeven, who helped start fashion tradeshows in Amsterdam as well as Denim Days. The two also founded denim brand House of Denim, and are important figures in the Dutch denim industry.

Various top-class creators and fashion designers from throughout the world assembled together in the city of New York to make the event a smashing success and showcasing the growing popularity of denim in the world’s largest scale fashion industry.
The event helped develop the idea of denim as a form of art and craftsmanship, and not just a casual fashion item. It also promoted the endless possibilities of fabrics to casual fans and reaffirmed the joy of denim to core denim fans.

L:Greg Chapman  R:Tony Tonnaer

L:Roy Luckett R:Thomas Murphy

L:Thomas Johnson R:khalil Jenkins

Tomohiro Adachi

Photo by Lisa Kato 加藤里紗 Text by CLUTCH Magazine 編集部
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