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Hat Craftsman Book : LIGA FELIZ feature translation

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Craftsman/Yoshitaka Uehara
From/Tokyo, Japan

Handmade hats that can be custom ordered with ease.

LIGA FELIZ, which was established in 2002, is Portuguese for “happiness union” and was selected as the name of the brand due to the owner’s desire to bring happiness to people through their hats. Mr. Uehara, the brand’s designer and master craftsman, is in charge of creating custom order hats by hand. LIGA FELIZ was originally established in the Kansai region, before moving their base to the quiet area of Nakameguro, Tokyo. The hats that he makes have new and unique designs, but also a sense of warmth that comes from making them individually by hand.
“I had always wanted to make hats, but I decided to start accepting custom orders because I wanted to incorporate the brand’s unique personality into the designs. Of course, each hat is made from scratch so it takes a lot of time and effort, but this is the result of pursuing complete originality.”

Clutch Books Hat Craftsman LIGA FELIZ

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