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CLUTCH Magazine Vol.58 released today!

CLUTCH Magazine Leather Snap

Look out for the latest issue that was released today, which can be identified with the iconic Schott Onestar jacket.

Leather is the perfect fashion item for this cold season. This month, we started off with snapshots of dynamic leather jackets. Alongside the standard double and single-breasted motorcycle jackets, soft leather fabrics such as deerskin and suede are also in style. As you can see from the snapshots, both have been clearly worn in and aged beautifully.

In the leather cover story, we have also introduced the latest news regarding motorcycles, new store openings, the latest products from popular brands, a focus on the art of leather craftsmanship and various leather products from a wide range of different perspectives.

Why not treat yourself for this upcoming season?

The second cover story is our special CLUTCH FOR WOMEN feature, where we incorporated CLUTCH Magazine’s world into women’s fashion.

For this feature, we focused on women wearing outfits from various genres that CLUCTH Magazine fans are familiar with, including military, hats, boots, turquoise and vintage styles. While we won’t be introducing any trendy items, you will see a wide range of cool and cute timeless styles instead. Please enjoy reading this issue with your wife, girlfriend or female colleagues.

This month’s issue also includes:
・ISLE OF MAN CLASSIC TT WEEKS (Report of the International Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) Race held on the Isle of Man in the UK)
・SUKA JACKET DOCUMENTARY (Snapshots of Tailor Toyo’s souvenir jackets in London!)
・Style From... Actor Arata Iura (multiple appearances of Arata Iura’s beloved camera)
・BUZZ RICKSON'S latest outerwear collection
・COLUMBIA BLACK LABEL and Tokyo creators
・Cool guy’s facial accessories/styles (Snapshots of our favorite beard, hat and eyewear styles)
Enjoy the variety of content in the latest issue of CLUTCH Magazine. Available at bookstores nationwide and online!

New Issue CLUTCH Magazine Leather Products

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