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“Jewelry for boots” by White’s Boots.

New Products Boots accessory

One of the joys of wearing boots is to customize them in your own way.
Custom ordering boots from the type of leather to its parts is a dream for boot lovers, but White’s Boots has come out with an excellent item that will completely change the perception of boots.
That item is the shoeless jewelry.
This item was created by turquoise jewelry brand LFC, produced by renowned turquoise expert Joe Dan Lowry. High quality turquoise was used for each individual item, which features a exquisite design crafted by experienced artists.
(Mine: Sleeping Beauty/Artist: Art Platero)
Our editorial department’s recommended combination is the voluminous Smoke Jumper (top) and Northwest (bottom).
Although small, this item is a gift of superb craftsmanship.
As American brands that are both committed to high quality craftsmanship, White’s Boots and LFC were made for each other. This jewelry adds a touch of luxury and can completely change the impression of the boots.The turquoise jewelry, which comes in sets of two, is priced at ¥32,400. (Both boots belong to the editorial department).

This item is available at the STUMPTOWN Shibuya store, an authorized White’s Boots dealer. We also recommend this item as a gift for any boot lover.
Photo by Akira Kuwayama  Text by CLUTCH Magazine 
STUMPTOWN SHIBUYA Tel.03-3477-0658

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