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Hat Craftsman Book : WABISABISM feature translation

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Craftsman/Teruyuki Mizunuma
From/Saitama, Japan

Hats made from wooden molds using a combination of traditional and modern techniques.

“The number of hat makers who use wooden molds is very limited throughout the world,” says Mr. Mizunuma, who has made hats for over 200 brands and used his own wealth of experience to launch his own label, WABISABISM. His hats look simple and classical at first glance, while being completely original and having innovative designs. As a designer with a high sense of creativity, his hat making process begins by using a hat block, or a wooden mold, which lets him create sizes that match Japanese head shapes. This was the answer that he came up with in order to provide the ultimate comfort with his hats. “The reason why I use traditional wooden molds is to create fashion items with sophisticated designs. Even with this low-tech method, I push myself to constantly create new designs.”



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