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Discovering high-quality vintage watches in LONDON

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In London, street markets are held in various areas during the weekends.
Generally the markets are held under on roofed sites on the street, but you can also find entire buildings transformed into antique malls.
One example is the Alfies Antique Market, located on Church Street in Marylebone. Each floor of the four-story building features shops lined up next to each other, mainly selling vintage interior fixtures and accessories. The mall is very popular among interior designers and product designers, as well as fans of vintage items.
There, we discovered a single vintage watch shop.

The name of the store is N&S Watches. At first glance the shop looks a bit unorganized and messy, but you can find a wide range of men’s and women’s vintage watches displayed in the showcase. In addition to household brand names such as OMEGA and LONGINES, there are also many rare watches with classical designs.

Moe Heidarian, the owner, has a very mild-mannered personality, and he is more than happy to provide explanations about each watch and help choose the perfect watch for you if you are having a hard time making a selection.

Here are some of the models that caught our eye at the shop.

1940s-1950s LONGINES /Hand-winding type/Case material: Gold-plating

1940s WALTHAM/Hand-winding type/17 jewel/Case material: Gold-plating
This watch combines excellent visibility and elegance. The glass windshield gives off a classic feel.

1940s-1950s BULOVA/ Hand-winding type/Case material: Gold-plating
This watch features a beautiful frame and dial design, and is very popular among women.

1950s OMEGA/ Hand-winding type/Case material: Pink gold
This is a lightweight and classy OMEGA model with a design that you’ll get bored of looking at.

We’re sure that we’re not the only one who feels the urge to purchase everything in sight when looking at vintage watches in Europe.
In Europe, people pay respect to classical items and there is a culture of preserving items and designs from the past, which adds even more value.

Vintage shopping during a holiday brings out emotions of happiness and excitement, especially when you discover an item that you fall in love with at first sight.
At N&S Watches, there are many affordable watches that you can purchases in the £200 range, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to purchase one that you like.
These affordable watches are perfect to add to your collection as a second watch.

This is why we can never get bored of discovering items at vintage malls, where you never know when you might encounter a sleeping treasure.

 Alfies Antique Market
13-25 Church Street Marylebone London NW8 8DT

Photo & Text by CLUTCH Magazine 

London Vintage watch flea market

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