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Photographer Maiko's guide to Los Angeles #27(The self-owned small hat store)

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With her small frame and heavy camera, Los-Angeles-based photographer Maiko captures photos of her daily lifestyle. Throughout this series, we will be introducing some of Maiko’s favorite stores and area through her eyes.

Today we will be introducing Los Angeles-based hat store Monsivais & Co., which we covered in CLUTCH Magazine vol.52.

This is Damian, the owner of Monsivais & Co. What motivated him to get into the hat business was a single old photograph. This photograph, which was taken during the 1920s, depicts a man wearing a newsboy cap, which is similar to a casquette. The hat in the photograph was a seamless hat, with the crown portion made with a single piece of fabric.

The one-panel hat was popular until the 1930s and the fabric used to make the hat was expensive to make at the time. Due to its high cost production, the eight-panel hats eventually replaced it as the popular style. After falling in love at first sight with the photo, Damian made his decision to begin producing his own hats. After studying the art of hat making on his own, he opened his store in his hometown of Los Angeles.

This is the studio where he makes his hats. It’s not the biggest space, but with his prized sewing machine, it is sufficient for him to manufacture hats alone.

When making his hats, Damian never takes apart vintage hats and studies them. Relying on old photos and advertisements, he picks apart details of the styles and background of the images and reflects them into his creations. This is how he makes his completely original hats that cannot be found anywhere else.

In his studio you can find a wide range of fabrics, and he even takes memorable garments brought in by his customers and remakes them into hats.

His latest creation is “The All Sport” one-panel collection. Using vintage French wool fabric, the hats resemble a similar style to those worn during the 1920s. The autumn colors are perfect for the current season.

To his right is Zip Stevenson, from IrregulaR by ZIP STEVENSON. Using vintage fabrics found by Zip, the two collaborated to make the latest collection.

This is the hat that he exhibited for the first time at the CC SHOW, which was held in Yokohama last month.

The hats can be ordered from the brand’s website, where you can choose your fabric, style, and size. Each hat takes approximately one to two weeks to complete.

Monsivais & Co.

Photographer Profile
Born in Shizuoka Prefecture. After graduating from university, she began her career in journalism. After leaving her job, she decided to move to Hawaii to become a professional photographer. Gaining knowledge, experience, and English abilities through her work, she then moved to Los Angeles in 2015. She currently belongs to Seven Bros. Picture, a collaborative group of creative individuals. (http://seven-bros.com)

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