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Our visit to the reputed fashion trade show held in the California desert.

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After driving east from Los Angeles for about two hours, we were greeted by a desert landscape filled with sand and small cacti. 

As we continued driving down the single road that runs through the desert, we finally arrived at Joshua Tree National Park. The park is named for the Joshua trees native to the park, and in places you can find hills made up of large rocks stacked up on top of each other. From a Japanese person’s perspective, this was an especially extraordinary world. At the same time, it was a place that showed how vast the land was in America and the power of nature.

The lone motel located near Joshua Tree National Park serves as the venue for “Desert & Denim”, a fashion tradeshow started in 2015 and held once a year.

Centered around American and Japanese denim brands, approximately 40 brands also specializing in T-shirts, leather products, natural fragrances, and cosmetics gather around the outer court of the motel. The show serves as an exhibition and also features booths setting up spot sales.

Due to the location, many of the exhibitors and visitors arrive at the venue in cars or on motorcycles. As exhaust sounds echoes in the dry desert air, the venue soon becomes packed with people. After friends hug and exchange greetings, some of the booths quickly start talking business, while others relax on the benches enjoying their beers. Surrounded by the desert, time seemed to slow down at the relaxing atmosphere of this greatly managed tradeshow.

 Our very own editorial made our first visit to the tradeshow, which was held on February 17 and 18 this year. Here we will be showing off some of our favorite shots of the event. With so many different fashion styles, from denim to Western style to 1950s era styles, the show definitely didn’t lack excitement. 

Billy Wickens
Jodi Hnyda
Brooke Ahana Bailey
Marissa Gonzales
Ryan Drobatz
Johnny Laderer
Linda Abud
Matt Decker
Amy & Rob
Lily Hetzler
Brandon Herrell
Obi Kaufman
Doran Ray
We also noticed the large number of people with classic film cameras. What was fantastic about this show was that whether you’re a fan of cars and motorcycle, denim, cameras, or America fashion styles, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

We highly look forward to next year’s event.

Photo by Takashi Okabe  Text by CLUTCH Magazine 

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